Recycling Awards for Excellence in Waste Reduction, Recycling & Litter Prevention

The Virginia Recycling Association honors top recyclers and recycling programs in the Commonwealth through our annual awards program.  In the past, VRA has given awards in up to 18 different categories.  To simplify the process, this year the award categories are being consolidated into a general applicant pool from which a panel of judges will select five people, programs and/or projects to recognize for making outstanding contributions to expanding and strengthening recycling and waste prevention in the Commonwealth. 

2017 Winners

 Nominations are sought from the public and private sectors, business, industry, schools, government and non-profit agencies, civic or volunteer organizations, and individuals.  It is not necessary to be a VRA member to make a nomination or to receive an award but the nominated person or program must be Virginia-based. 

Awards will be presented at VRA’s annual meeting on October 24 in Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton.  Winners will be the guests of VRA at the ceremony and will receive a complimentary year’s VRA membership. 

Nominations will be accepted via VRA’s website through September 15th.  There is no limit on the number of programs or people you may nominate but you may only nominate a program or person once.  Only programs and events from calendar year 2016 and 2017 will be considered for an award. 

VRA welcomes nominations of individuals, programs and organizations that have demonstrated noteworthy dedication, innovation and success in recycling initiatives across the Commonwealth. Judges will consider the following criteria in selecting the winners:

  •  Virginia-based individuals, organizations or businesses, or recycling, litter or waste reduction programs and projects
  • Significant waste and toxicity reduction, recycling and diversion from disposal, litter prevention
  • Program applicability to other communities, organizations, schools, or businesses
  •  Leadership, public outreach and participation in recycling, litter or waste reduction programs
  • Amount and type of materials collected, processed, manufactured or purchased
  • Impact on local economy and jobs
  • Economics of the program, such as costs, benefits, local economic development and benefits to recycled-content product markets
  • Innovation and unique aspects of the recycling, litter or waste reduction programs
  • Length of time recycling, litter or waste reduction programs has been in operation
  • Coverage and longevity of recycling, litter or waste reduction programs
  • Documented effect on recycling and the waste management hierarchy

All nominations will be electronic. Please fill out the online nomination form by Septmeber 15, 2017. There is no limit on the number of programs or individuals you may nominate, but a program or individual can be entered only once. Awards will be given based on calendar year 2016 or 2017 events or programs.

  Past Award Winners