Construction and Demolition Debris Committee

Construction Waste in a Green Environment 
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History of C&D Committee

In 2007, the VRA created a committee comprised of individuals working in the fields of construction and demolition (C&D) to explore ways to achieve much higher recycling rates for construction waste in the Commonwealth.  VRA Members may login and visit the C&D Committee Business page for minutes, agendas, and a directory of C&D recycling businesses across the state.

According to an EPA report from 1996, an estimated 136 million tons of construction debris makes its way to landfills each year. Since that time this statistic has proven to be well short of actual, with the EPA admitting there was no accounting of road construction debris, for example. A 2003 article published in Waste News said that a more inclusive total of C&D debris in that year is between 250 to 350 million tons of C&D, which equates to 4.72 to 6.61 pounds per person per day, which is more than the EPA estimate for municipal solid waste of 4.5 pounds per person per day.

The VRA's C&D committee is currently assisting the Virginia Sustainable Building Network assemble a C&D Directory for the state of Virginia. The directory will expose C&D recyclers to potential customers and it may help members find markets for specific materials. If you are interested in becoming involved in the C&D committee, contact the chair, Nathaniel Townley at (540) 347-6811or

Interesting C & D Facts

There are really three classes of C&D: Construction scrap is highly recyclable because such materials have been minimally treated prior to being disposed. Renovation scrap is denser that construction scrap though contains much of the same materials in a somewhat more difficult form to recycle (such as kitchen cabinets and whole wall section with sheetrock attached to studs). Demolition debris is very dense and mostly contains aggregates, metal, and dirt. Once the materials are segregated, there is no essential difference in materials or markets.

Builders' Guide to Resue and Recycling: A Directory for Construction & Demolition Materials in the Metropolitan Washington Region