Conference Committee

Craig Coker, Co-Chair

Scope and Purpose

The purpose of the annual conference is to assemble the membership at a site designated by the VRA Board of Directors (Board) during which professional development opportunities with an emphasis on solid waste recycling, waste minimization, and sustainability issues are provided.  The conference is alternated annually between the eastern, central, northern and western regions of Virginia.

The annual conference has been held each year since 1990 for a three-day period in mid- to late-May.  The Conference Chair of the subsequent year's Conference Committee is appointed no later than the first meeting of the Board following the annual conference.  The Conference Chair will work closely with the Executive Director to ensure a successful Conference each year.

The success of the annual conference is measured by the written evaluations by conference attendees and by the amount of net revenues generated by the conference to fund VRA operations.   Historically, excess revenue from the conference has been used to support the training and operational goals of the Association.

The Conference Committee shall be made up of the Conference Chair, the Executive Director and up to four (4) other VRA members in good standing.  The Conference Chair shall be Chairperson of the Conference Committee.

Responsibilities of the Conference Committee

Develop an agenda for the annual conference that is timely, promotes dialogue, and enhances the knowledge of the membership in relation to the mission of the VRA.

Inform the membership of the date, time, location, and expense of the annual conference and promote attendance through electronic media, pre-registration materials and individual mailings.

Secure presenters, moderators, facilities and equipment necessary to support general meetings and training sessions for the conference.

Develop a budget and conference fees, which must be approved by the Finance Committee and Board in order to secure sponsors for conference events, and to ensure that excess revenues from the conference will be available to help support the annual operating expenses of the Association.

Direct the activities of the conference.