Markets Council

July 27, 2011 Meeting on Glass Recycling In Virginia
In 2011 the Virginia General Assembly passed a measure that abolished the Virginia Recycling Markets Development Council (VRMDC). VRMDC had done significant project work in the preceding 12 months, particularly with regard to the development of glass beneficiation capacity in the Commonwealth. Other projects on the table included economic and academic research on one or more rural MRFs in the western and southwestern regions and other market access issues.
The VRA Board began intensive discussions with the VRMDC members for ways that VRA could support and continue the projects VRMDC had started. 
To maintain momentum and keep these vital projects progressing, the VRA held the inaugural meeting of the VRA Markets Council on July 27 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. The agenda included discussion of solutions for recovering and reusing/recycling glass beverage containers.