March 10th School Recycling Workshop- Richmond

The Virginia Recycling Association hosted the first in a series of free school recycling workshops from 10:00 - 2:00 on March 10, 2008 in Richmond at the

Greater Richmond Convention Center
Room- E11 (First Floor near main entrance)
403 North Third Street,
Richmond, VA 23219
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This was a great opportunity for recycling educators, solid waste managers, school personnel, private schools, colleges and universities and parents to discuss the advantages of school recycling programs and get the technical training on how to start recycling in schools.


  • Status of School Recycling in Virginia by Erica Trout, VRA Association Manager
  • Success Story: Virginia Beach Department of Waste Management by Tim Lee of TFC Recycling How Virginia Beach implemented a city-wide recycling program in their schools
  • One School System's Approach by Scott Horan Find out how Stafford County's Chief Facilities Officer decided to offer recycling to each of their schools.
  • Pascale Fondeur and Heather Jelks will discuss how they started a composting and recycling program in Alexandria.
  • Students Take Action Hear from a marketing student at Lee Davis High School where a group of students enacted change.
  • Q & A with the Speakers
  • Free Lunch
  • Who Can Service Our School's Recycling?: During this time, vendors from across the state will meet and greet with participants to discuss how collections would occur in your schools.


1. Erica Trout- Virginia Recycling Association, Recycling Background (4.4 MB PPT)
2. Scott Horan- Stafford County Public Schools, One Approach (PPT)
3. Tim Lee- Tidewater Fibre Corporation, Virginia Beach Success Story (1 MB PPT)
4. Pasquale Fondeur & Heather Jelks, Alexandria School Volunteers, Composting in Schools
(4 MB PPT)


Erica Trout
Phone: 804-302-4231