School Recycling Toolkit

globeA Guide to School Recycling 

This publication outlines five steps to creating a school recycling program. To request hard copies of the guide for your school's "green team" contact VRA at 804-302-4231 or download a PDF version.

Virginia Department of Education School Recycling Guidelines

In 2010 the Virginia DOE issued a memo to all K-12 school superintendents with recycling guidelines.  
Download Recycling Signs
Use these standardized recycling signs to label your school's bins. Labels can be ordered for about $2 each.

Virginia Vendors by Region

The first step in creating your school's recycling program is determing how the recycling will be collected. Here is a list of companies who help schools recycle. Please let us know if your company should be added to the list.

Northern Virginia

Bates Trucking & Trash Removal,Inc.,, (240) 876-7935

SP Recycling- newspapers, white paper, magazines & catalogs;  804-359-1080,

Weyerhaeuser- (804) 232-2386

Environmental Shredding and Recycling: paper, cans, plastics and cardboard

Todd Dubose

Potomac River Watershed

Alice Ferguson Foundation offers resources to schools within the watershed. For more information visit their website:

Central Virginia

TFC Recycling- paper, aluminum, cardboard, plastic bottles; Tim Lee at (757) 871-4061

SBM Site Services- 804-452-5205

SP Recycling- newspapers, white paper, magazines & catalogs; 804-359-1080,

Virginia Waste Services- paper, aluminum, cardboard, plastic bottles; Audra Butler at (804) 479-0683 

Weyerhaeuser- (804) 232-2386


 TFC Recycling- paper aluminum, cardboard, plastic bottles; Tim Lee at (757) 871-4061

SP Recycling- newspapers, white paper, magazines & catalogs; 804-359-1080,

Recycling & Disposal Solutions- Virginia, 757-393-4737

Weyerhaeuser- (804) 232-2386

Southwest Virginia
Recycle Easy, David Roberts- P.O. Box 3442 Lynchburg, VA 24503 (434) 665-2708 or (434) 929-2332
Creative Recycling Solutions (computers)- (800) 388-3961,
Dean’s Waste Management- 276-690-2424
Southwest Sanitation (paper shredding)-276-988-8110

Sonoco Recycling (paper)- 843-339-6229

Waste Management's Iris Glen Environmental Center (423) 926-8375

Allied Waste-(423) 357-1836

MXI Environmental-Peggy Snead (276) 628-6636



Other Types of Recycling Programs


Text Books

SP Recycling- 804-359-1080,

Cell Phone Recycling (Fundraiser)

AAA Environmental
(866) 332-2234
Ink Jet Cartridges (Fundraiser)
(949) 363-8201
Clothes (Fundraiser)
Green Earth Recycling
(804) 639-3069
AERC Recycling
(804) 677-1895
Creative Recycling
(800) 388-3961


Feel free to use this letter as a template and email it to your school board officials. This letter has helped create interest in school recycling in other school districts. Contact VRA if this letter generates a meeting to discuss school recycling. We would be happy to give a presentation on the importance of school recycling programs.
School Recycling in July 2007

We surveyed schools in the summer of 2007 to find out how many school districts in the state are already recycling. We found only 10 districts that already offered recycling in all of their schools. As the VRA works to promote recycling in schools we will reflect on this map our progress.