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The Virginia Recycling Association (VRA) is a statewide coalition of more than 200 individuals, municipalities, recycling and green businesses, and organizations dedicated to promoting and realizing the economic, social and environmental benefits of waste reduction, reuse, recycling and diversion.

Formed in 1990 by a group of individuals committed to expanding state recycling opportunities, VRA has become the leading resource of recycling information for our members, the general public, the Virginia General Assembly, local government, business, and industry.


Advance recycling and waste reduction through the advocacy of sustainable practices to benefit Virginia's environment, communities, and economy.


  • To develop policies pertinent to recycling and waste reduction in Virginia.
  • To foster communication among professionals, organizations and government agencies.
  • To provide educational opportunities through outreach and marketing.

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Letter From The President

Dear VRA Members,

With the first six months of 2022 in the rear-view mirror, we have a lot to be grateful for and much to be optimistic about. First, we can cautiously celebrate that we have turned the corner on the Covid pandemic. That said, let’s continue to be wary of variants and vigilant in personal protection and/or vaccination.

A good barometer that folks were tired of Covid induced isolation, the May VRA/SWANA conference at the Virginia Beach Hilton Oceanfront was a huge success with well over 250 attendees, 43 exhibitors, and 48 conference sponsors.  The 3-day agenda was packed full of informative presentations, tours and sessions, but also attendees had ample opportunity for fellowship, fun, and relaxation that only in-person conferences facilitate. Join me in a “shout out” to your VRA conference committee for planning a very special conference. Special thanks as well to attendees who took the time to offer overwhelmingly positive feedback! (Tip: plan ahead and register early so you don’t miss out on conferences!)

The membership elected two new Directors – Neal Thompson (Radford University) and Lauren Cutlip (RDS of Virginia) – to replace two outgoing Directors whose terms expired. Welcome Neal and Lauren! Much thanks to Stephanie Hicks (Trex) and Joe Benedetto (RDS) for tireless service and unwavering dedication to the VRA’s mission. Although Stephanie and Joe are still active members, you are both dearly missed at our monthly Board meetings.  Also, the Board recently elected your 2022-2023 Executive Committee. Join me in welcoming Vice President Christine McCoy, Treasurer Robert Waschler, and Secretary Dan Ciesla. You should expect great things from the 2022-2023 Board of Directors.

The outlook for recycling markets is cautiously optimistic at best. The issues that impact each of us individually also impact the recycling market. Inflation, sky rocketing fuel prices, and rising costs for everyday products are forcing businesses and consumers alike to tighten their budgets. You all recall supply/demand from Econ 101, right? When consumer spending slows, demand for raw materials also slows.  Fingers crossed and best wishes for a speedy (economic) recovery.

On the upside, look for an announcement soon regarding the 2022 Annual Membership Meeting. We haven’t had an annual membership meeting since 2019, so we are eager to see you face-to-face in Charlottesville this Fall. Also, the conference committee is diligently planning the 2023 VRA Conference. (Spoiler alert: the venue is The Inn in Blacksburg, Virginia!) Dates to be announced very soon. Register early!!!! I’ll see you there.

In conclusion, thank you for supporting the Virginia Recycling Association.  Recalling the proverb “many hands make light work”, your active involvement is critical to achieving our mission of advancing recycling and waste reduction. Volunteer to serve on a committee. Promote the benefits of the association to friends and peers and encourage them to join us. Lastly, please contact , or me, if you have suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns. Your feedback is important to us.


Wishing you health and happiness,
Billy Basham – President