Virginia Recycling Association

2015 Conference Presentations

Keynote Address: Jerry Powell, Resource Recycling

Laying The Groundwork For Zero Waste

Neil Selman—Institute for Local Self Reliance

Stacey Demers—SCS Engineering

Recycling Education & Outreach For The Generations

Barbara McConnell– MyWaste

Steve Heinitz– Virginia Commonwealth University Office of Sustainability

Heather Cashwell– North Carolina Division of Environmental Assistance

Electronics: Epa Rules For Crt Recycling

Scott MacDonald – Prince William County

Chris O’Handley– Versability Resources

Exceeding Expectations: Festivals, Events, Restaurants

Tom Griffin—Virginia Green Travel Alliance

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Kimberley Pexton– ALL KAPS Consulting

Kevin Herb– Broad Run Recycling

Measuring Watershed Litter

Steven Stein—Environmental Resources Planning, LLC

Recycling Policy And Legislation

Tim Lee – VRA Policy Committee Chair

Joel Andrus – Kemper Consulting

Deq Stakeholders Update

Leslie Beckwith, Sanjay Thirunagani, Steve Coe

Modern Markets

Tim Lee – Markets Opening Remarks

Glass – Bill Clark, Reflective Industries

Paper/Plastic – Tim Lee, TFC Recycling

Elextronics – Kenny Loyall, Sims Metal Management

Metal – Amy Salib, Sims Metal Management

Organics – Craig Coker, Coker Composting and Consulting

Keeping Virginia Beautiful

Mike Baum– Keep Virginia Beautiful


Bernard Oslka – Prince William County

Douglas Ross – Freestate Farms, LLC

Dr. Britt Faucette

Virginia Department of Transportation

Mixed Waste Processing

Fran McPoland—Colling Swift & Hynes