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VRA Awards

Celebrating the Achievements of Our Colleagues and Communities


The Virginia Recycling Association recognizes success and innovation in recycling through our annual awards program.   Nominations are sought from the public and private sectors, and winners are announced at the annual meeting in the fall.

While it is not necessary to be a VRA member to submit a nomination or receive an award, all nominees and work must be undertaken in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Winners receive a complimentary VRA membership for one year.

2019 Awards

Awards will be given in three categories:

  • Show Me the Way

This category recognizes actions that have a positive impact on people’s understanding of how to recycle.  How do you explain recycling to your customers?  Did you create something new to help your residents reduce contamination?  Did you partner with your MRF  to reduce contamination in incoming loads?  

  • Lemonade

You know the expression….making lemonade out of lemons.  This category recognizes those types of situations, taking something bad and turning it into something wonderful!  Was there a situation that you thought was hopeless but you managed to turn it around?  Did you have a disaster you had to bounce back from?  Did you take something that seemed a liability and turn it into an asset?

  • Best in Show

This category is looking for the best of the best.  What program has made the biggest difference in your community?    What are you doing really well?  What are you seeing great results from?  Is it a new food waste composting program?  Are you reducing the number of diapers in your curbside recycling carts?  Have you created excitement around your community’s recycling program?  Did you add a new service?    Let us hear you brag!

Awards will be presented at VRA’s annual meeting on October 30th in Charlottesville.

Please use the form below to submit a nomination.  Nominations are due by 5pm on September 30th.

Entries will be judged on category applicability, leadership, outreach, impact on the local economy, innovation/uniqueness, longevity of program, and documented effects.   Winners will be notified prior to the awards ceremony on October 30th.

    2019 Award Nomination Form

    Congratulations to our 2018 VRA Award Winners


    In 2018, the VRA honored recyclers and recycling programs in three categories:

    • Show Me the Way: how do you explain recycling to your customers?
      Winner: Virginia Aquarium and Science Center – In Our Hands
    • Lemonade: how have you taken a bad situation and made something wonderful from it?
      Winner: University of Richmond – Big Yard Sale
    • Best in Show: how has your program made a difference in your community?
      Winner: Spotsylvania Environmental Education Development – Clean Up & Cash In

    Learn more about our award winners: 2018 Winners Press Release