Virginia Recycling Association

Recycling Projects

The Virginia Recycling Association encourages our members and those interested in recycling to start their own recycling projects for effecting positive changes in bettering our schools, communities and cities.

Community recycling is important because it reduces waste destined for a landfill and it conserves resources and energy.  You can help your community be a part of the waste reduction effort by starting your own community project. For more information, check out the list below for some ideas for getting your community on the green team!

Recycling Project Ideas

  • Start a recycling program in your school
  • Collect bags for the Trex School Program
  • Volunteer to read stories about recycling to younger student groups
  • Design a recycling relay or game for students
  • Book Exchange
  • Community Electronic Waste Collection Event
  • Paint Exchange
  • Swap and Shop
  • Too Good To Throw Away Exchange
  • Recycling Promotion Poster Contest
  • Start a composting program for excess food waste
  • Work with moving companies to flatten boxes for reuse or recycling