Virginia Recycling Association


Get off the curb and into recycling! VRA is proud to offer the opportunity for you to get involved and add your voice to the discussion. If you're itching to do more, your actions could have an impact on determine the future of recycling in Virginia.


Become a VRA Sponsor

The Virginia Recycling Association is actively working to establish a dialogue with decision makers, industry and community members that will help us address issues of participation, contamination and sustainable materials management. By providing timely information and activities, we can raise awareness of the important role that recycling plays in our economy and our environment.

While we are working hard to raise awareness of the issues regarding recycling in Virginia, we cannot reach our maximum effectiveness as an industry voice without the backing of colleagues like you.

We are seeking sponsors and working partners who can help support the efforts and objectives of the VRA by:

  • Providing sponsor presence and content for our new VRA website
  • Partnering with VRA to facilitate facility tours, training events and workshops
  • Working with VRA to organize and participate in our conferences
  • Joining the VRA in recognizing the achievements of our members at the annual general meeting and awards ceremony

2020 VRA Sponsorships










Exhibit Booth Premium Booth Space
($1000 value)
Booth ($600 value) Booth ($600 value)
Conference Registrations 4 registrations
($1000 value)
2 registrations
($500 value)
1 registration
($250 value)
1 registation ($250)
Advertising in Conference Program Full page (Value $500) Half page (Value $250)
Speaking Session at Annual Conference 5 minutes (Invaluable)
Conference Utilites Bundles Complimentary ($50 value) Complimentary ($50 value) Complimentary ($50 value)
VRA Memberships 4 Memberships ($560 value) 2 Memberships ($280 value) 1 Membership ($140 value)
Logo at VRA Events Yes (Value $250) Yes (Value $250) Yes (Value $250) Yes (Value $250)
Logo and company link on VRA Website Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year)
Premium Listing in VRA Online Business Directory Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year)
Exclussive Access to Conference Attendee list Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year) Yes (Value $300/year)
Link to company video on VRA website Yes (Value $300/year)

Break Sponsorships

Coffee break sponsor (2) $1000
Afternoon snack sponsor (1) $1000
Reception sponsor (1) $2000
Breakfast sponsor (2) $2000
Lunch sponsor (1) $3000