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COVID19 Guidance March 30th Press Release


Keep Virginia Recycling!

Stay safe and well – and recycle like you want to make a difference

Richmond, VAMarch 30, 2020 The Virginia Recycling Association and its members are calling on everyone to keep recycling. While it may not be the first industry that springs to mind when measuring the impact that the spread of COVID-19 is having in Virginia and around the world, your recycling plays an important role in the survival of numerous key businesses and the production of countless essential products. 

Recycled materials are part of your daily life. From toilet paper and paper towels, to cans and plastic containers, even carpeting, clothing and eyeglasses contain materials that can be recycled at home. Household consumers and their recycling activity are the most important part of the production line for lots of products.  With more Virginians staying home from work and school, more recycling is being generated every day by households. It is important that this recyclable material is captured and processed.  

Once recyclable materials leave the curb, they become commodities such as scrap metals, plastic pellets, glass cullet, and paper fiber, which are then processed, traded and used in manufacturing. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the scrap recycling industry generates nearly $110 billion annually in economic benefit to the US economy and more than $1.7 billion right here in Virginia [i]

The Virginia Recycling Association encourages governments, waste and recycling collectors and residents to continue recycling at the curb or designated drop off sites to support our economy and our environment.   

Contact your local government, or curbside recycling collection company for more information on the materials that are collected for recycling in your area.

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